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Devan Collins – 2015 NBA Scholarship Winner

The NBA had several applications submitted to ISTS for the NBA Scholarship Award. Only 1 student correctly completed their app and submitted by the designated deadline.That student is Devan Collins of Lyons Nebraska. You may remember Devan was our 2014 ISTS winner. Congratulations Devan!

You are seizing the opportunity to help further your education and have shown persistence and commitment to do just that. You are paving the way to a  bright future and we are proud to have been a part of this process. Please join the NBA, Devan's family and friends in congratulating him on this prestigious award. Devan came from a family of gifted carpenters and will be pursuing skills in construction management at Wayne State University again in the fall, step by step building his American Dream.

Excerpts from Devan's appreciation letter to ISTS and the NBA

"I can't believe my freshman year at Wayne State College is over. I was able to achieve my goal of making the deans list both semesters. My plans for the summer will keep me really busy. The last few weekends I have been doing construction work for some local people and built a bar for a coffee shop in Wayne, NE and two counters to put in a window, also installing tile and just finished up with the hardwood floor this week. I have been putting this floor in a newer house in Fremont, NE. I take pride in my work and achieving such a big project and will be employed at Lyons Decatur Northeast School for the 3rd summer in a row. I will be handling construction projects that need to be done, then mowing in the evenings for them. One thing I can say about myself is that I’m not afraid of a challenge. I have faced them all my life with the hobbies that I enjoy that involve building and fishing. It’s amazing what you can do with the confidence of others."

"I am sending some of the pictures of the hardwood floor that I just finished. I also would like to thank you again for the help of the scholarship. The support I received from you has brought me one step closer to the dream for my future."