First Step Review & Operating Plan

In recognition of the importance of small business to a strong economy, the National Business Association (NBA) has developed NBA First Step Review and NBA Operating Plan Forecast to help meet the informational and developmental needs of existing business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

NBA First Step Review

NBA First Step Review is a screening tool to help smaller businesses determine the likelihood of success in gaining an SBA guaranteed loan.If you gain a score of 70 or more on First Step, then the next step would be to find a lender who is SBA certified for loans.


Download/Print – 425 KB

NBA Operating Plan Forecast

NBA Operating Plan Forecast (OPF) or Projected Profit & Loss Statement, is an excellent tool for the small business owner. The forecastplan will not only show you what to expect in profits, it will also forewarn you of impending problems.This program will allow you to complete  What If types of analyses. It was designed so that you can customize the forecast plan for your own business which will better prepare you when requesting funding from a financial or government institution.

Operating Plan Forecast


Download/Print – 425 KB