Accident Medical Expense Plus

*Available to Keystone members of the National Business Association at no additional cost. *

With a $100 deductible and a payment of up to $5,000 per incident for Accident Medical Expense Benefit along with Short Term Disability, and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), this benefit gives all eligible people the security they need and deserve.

What’s Covered?

Accident Medical Expense: Plan pays up to $5,000 for covered charges incurred by a covered person in an injury caused by an accident. With only a $100 deductible per injury.

Disability Income Benefit: Plan pays $100 per week, when disabled due to an injury. The Disability Income Benefit will start paying after the 14-day elimination period for a maximum of 26 weeks.

AD&D: Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Loss of Sight, Speech, and Hearing benefit. If within 365 days of an accident, injury from the accident results in a loss covered by this benefit, the plan will pay as shown on the schedule of benefits.