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The Right Toll Free Number Is Your Key to Success

Having a memorable toll free number helps your clients remember your number and call you more often! No matter what type of business you run, a great 800 or toll free number will help your business increase sales and retention and National Business Association Members get a 25% discount on Custom Toll Free services.

Studies show that customers associate toll free numbers with high quality products. The business that uses a quality toll free number, especially a vanity that matches their brand, sends the message that their products and services are of superior quality to those of a competitor advertising with an alternative toll free prefix, regular local, or long distance number.

We Make Getting a Toll Free Number Easy

Custom Toll Free has access to search the largest number of toll free numbers and the best search tool in the industry. With our search tool you can find a number that spells your company's name or a toll free number that appeals to consumers. Our process is automated, which allows you to easily search, find, and reserve your toll free number in specific area codes, blocks of area codes or nationwide at any time of the day or night. We work with clients of all sizes, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our consultants will work with you, around your needs and budget, to give your business the proven advantage of a custom toll free telephone number.

Should you need a more customized approach, or if you cannot find the premium numeric or vanity toll free number you desire using our innovative look up tool, our expert staff of consultants is available to work with you, within your budget, to procure the desired number or locate suitable alternatives. We have been helping people find and set up toll free numbers for over 10 years. Our record of service is the best in the industry and our reputation is unmatched.

Activate your toll free number today and get these services FREE

Members of the National Business Association receive a 25% discount off of Custom Toll Free Services (excluding minutes used and setup fee).

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Telephone: 1-800-456-0440
Locate a Provider: 1-800-800-7616

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