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Member of the Month – Scovil Photography

National Business Association member since 1997 - Jeffery Scovil  

Scovil Photography

When Jeff got his first camera from his Father at High School graduation, it was the beginning of a life long passion. Jeff grew up in Connecticut and had been collecting minerals and fossils since he was eight years old and started undergraduate school majoring in geology. He eventually switched to anthropology and archeology and after one field season on a dig in New Mexico he became the site’s laboratory photographer. Jeff studied what little there was published on archeological photography. Finding the literature minimal, he started researching scientific photography from other fields as well and applying what he learned to archeological materials.

After three years in the photo studio at the dig, he decided to apply the techniques he had learned to his other passion of minerals. Initial results were disappointing but Jeff kept at it and starting gaining recognition for his work. He started doing photography for other collector’s articles for the popular magazines in the hobby such as the Mineralogical Record and Rocks and Minerals. Always one to share his knowledge, he wrote a series of articles on mineral photography that appeared in Rocks and Minerals magazine in the 1980s.

Visit Jeffrey at www.scovilphoto.com and take a look at his amazing work!