We support and fund organizations that encourage individuals to start and grow their own businesses. These organizations’ missions, visions, and goals align with our mission of service to small business owners. We support organizations like these by offering financial resources to increase their reach.


The NBA initiated a Scholarship Program in 1999, after considering the importance of the educational future of students who plan on seeking their entrepreneurial desires. Since the NBA’s Scholarship Program began, the NBA has awarded over $180,000 in Scholarships to over 100 deserving students. In 2019, the Association joined with Northwood University to continue the program established in 1999. With a clearly articulated mission to develop the future leaders of a global, freeenterprise society, Northwood University fits very well with the mission of the NBA’s Scholarship Program.

Northwood University

Scholarship Quotes 2022-2023 Scholarship Recipients

Erin Lamper

Scholarship Recipient

“As the 2022-2023 recipient of [National Business Association Annual Scholarship], it is with my deepest appreciation that I thank you for your committed support of students like me. Your sponsorship is helping me to pursue my passion and further my professional career.”

Kaili Miller

Scholarship Recipient

“I would like to thank you for your sponsorship of and awarding me the National Business Association Annual Scholarship at Northwood University… I have always loved photography and had the inspiration to start my own business with it…The [Northwood] entrepreneurship program has taught me so much that will help me succeed in my field.”

Ryan Zwick

Scholarship Recipient

“By choosing to attend Northwood University, I made the best possible choice in beginning on a path to an exciting future in entrepreneurial leadership. Thanks to the generosity of [the National Business Association], I will be able to continue on in my education and achieve success.”

Dr. Kent D. MacDonald

President of Northwood University

“Since its founding in 1959, Northwood teaches that free-markets, capitalism, and personal responsibility make for a better world where opportunities abound. Thank you [National Business Association] for helping us in this important endeavor.”

Institute of Economic Empowerment of Women

We have sponsored and partnered with the Institute of Economic Empowerment of Women: Peace Through Business Program since 2007. The program’s mission is to empower women to grow their businesses, pursue greater entrepreneurial ventures, and become more active public policy advocates. They provide long-term business training to women business owners who reside in developing and war-torn countries alike. During the Peace Through Business Summits, the NBA, in cooperation with the IEEW, has awarded scholarships to support the program.

Peace Through Business was founded over 10 years ago. Since then, Peace Through Business has had over 1,021 women entrepreneurs graduate from the program. Over 80 percent of the women are still in business creating over 16,000 jobs.

NBA Throughout the Years

The National Business Association has developed original content and resources to provide support and widen accessibility for those seeking guidance for their business. Additionally, the NBA has diligently supported organizations, conferences, and events that encourage entrepreneurship and business growth of small business owners. The following list navigates through the philanthropic actions taken by the NBA across the years—showcasing their clear footprint in the business world.

An asterisk represents each additional consecutive year that the NBA continued to sponsor/patronize an event, conference, or organization.


  • First Step Review developed
  • Letter of recognition from President Ronald Reagan
  • Sponsor SCORE’s “The Small Business SCORE” publication
  • Donated First Step Review to the US Small Business Association
  • Sponsored Center on Education and Training for Employment


  • Score’s Clipping Service****
  • Patron SBA’s National Legislator Exchange Council Conference on Small Business Issues
  • Recognition from Pat Saiki, SBA Administrator for support and partnership with the SBA
  • Sponsored SCORE Leadership Conference
  • Patron SBA National Small Business Week*******
  • Sponsor SBA Field Hearings “Today’s Small Business for Tomorrow:
  • Sponsor SBA Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference
  • Sponsor American Legislative Exchange Councils’s (ALEC) orientation for New Members of Congress
  • Support ALEC Scholarship Fund
  • Sponsor US Hispanic Chamber’s Convention and Expo
  • Patron SBA’s National Small Business Week
  • Sponsor ALEC*******
  • Sponsor SBA Regional Poster and Essay contest
  • Sponsor Small Business Institute Directors Conference***
  • Sponsor USASBE Best Workshop Award**
  • Sponsor National Foundation for Women Legislator’s conference
  • NBA Scholarship Program announced
  • Sponsor SCORE’s 35th Anniversary Conference


  • Sponsor IEEW’s Peace Through Business Leadership Scholarship****************
  • Sponsor SBA Office of Advocacy Vision 2000 Conference
  • Sponsor USASBE Best Workshop Award**
  • Sponsor SOHO Summit Conference
  • Sponsor ALEC
  • Co-sponsor with Heritage Foundation and Grass Roots Impact Survey of Women Small Business Owners
  • Sponsor joint USASBE and Small Business Institute Directors Association conference
  • Fund Association of Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC) clipping service**
  • Sponsor SCORE District Directors Conference**
  • Patron SBA National Small Business Week
  • Sponsor ASBDC Conference****
  • Founding Partner Women Impacting Public Policy
  • Sponsor SBA Entrepreneurial Conference
  • Sponsor WIPP annual meeting
  • Sponsor ASBDC Annual Conference***
  • Sponsor SCORE 40th Anniversary Celebration
  • Sponsor SCORE’s District Directors Conference
  • Sponsor WIPP Conference****