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Resources for the Small Business Community

The Self-Employed Small Business Owners are the Backbone of our free enterprise system.  They create jobs, provide innovative and higher quality goods and services, and improve life in our communities.  They keep the economy strong while widening the path of opportunity for millions of Americans. 

The National Business Association provides Resources to assist the Small Business Community to attain success and keep being successful.

SMALL BUSINESS LOANS — Anticipating what lenders will review and require, you greatly increase your chances of obtaining a beneficial small business loan!

STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS — Basic Steps in Forming a New Business

FUNDING YOUR SMALL BUSINESS GROWTH — An overview of the funding process, including an overview of six sources of capital, financial terms.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT ADVERTISING MEDIUM FOR YOUR BUSINESS — Provides the Small Business owner with some straightforward information that will help bring about consistent success in advertising.

FEDERAL CONTRACTING & SMALL BUSINESS — Being a government contractor offers a range of benefits, such as good income, flexible work, timely payments and stable employment.

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