Imagine if you could slash your taxes by 70% and invest the savings. Sound to good to be true? Think of how much you paid out in business and personal taxes last year. Between federal, state and personal income taxes, you lost an average of 42% of your total earnings.

Let Sage show you how to create financial freedom for yourself and family, by operating through a business structure, such as a corporation, or in some instances, a limited liability company or limited partnership. By setting up the right type of entity, you may lower your taxes and provide a layer of protection between your business and personal assets, in case of a lawsuit.

Sage is your complete entity development company nationwide. Sage provides ongoing support through their After The "Inc." Dries...™ workshops and mini-workshop teleconferences, which include Tax Enlightenment Classes, IRA Recovery, Tax Tips For Traders, plus they offer many financial education products and free one-on-one telephone consultations.

Ask for the free information packed booklet, How to Incorporate & Grow Rich!, which includes 2 free audio tapes, How The Rich Create Wealth (and you can too!), plus the eye opening Introduction to The IRA Recovery System featuring C.W. "Al" Allen and Tim Berry, ($30 value).

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