Use Resistance To Your Advantage

AI and Small Business

Resistance to needed change for many small business owners and their employees can have disastrous consequences. Clinging to laborious business processes, ineffective marketing strategies, or outdated technologies can allow your more nimble, less change-adverse competitors to gain a huge business advantage. As small business owners, we can do our business, our employees, and ultimately our customers/clients a favor if we learn to embrace the resistance and use it advantageously to chart a more efficient path towards success. When you spot resistance, you have an opportunity to discover what has your employees resisting, address the issue(s) head on, implement practical solutions, and evaluate progress on an ongoing basis to ensure optimal business health and that things are moving in the right direction.

Additionally, many small business owners and their employees give lip service when it comes to resistance training to improve their personal health and fitness level. Whenever there’s talk of resistance training, and the importance of incorporating it into a workout routine, there are mixed responses. Men start talking about how much they can bench press, and women start protesting that they don’t want to end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger in a dress. Used correctly, resistance training can be the missing ingredient to your solid fitness foundation. Resistance training has numerous benefits, and is an important component of a balance health and fitness program. It also offers an opportunity to:

  • Build more muscle, which in turn burns fat more efficiently creating a leaner more defined body, o Increase energy and functional strength, useful for accomplishing everyday activities,
  • Develop greater joint strength, which allows for greater ease of movement,
  • Improve bone strength, a great defense against osteoporosis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and
  • Build on upper and lower body strength, which will also reduce back strain.

Contrary to the misinformation and images out there, women who perform resistance training regularly will not get bulky. It is simply not physically possible – women cannot naturally produce the amount of testosterone needed to increase muscle size by that much. Their muscles become denser which gives them a beautifully toned and well defined appearance. Resistance training is not about lifting massive amounts of weight. It’s more important to train functional movements not muscles in isolation.

Just as your business requires attention across its numerous synergistic functions, your body must also be trained consistently with the way it was designed. Resistance training with multiple joint exercises greatly influences your hormones and neurological system (neuroendocrine). This in turn directly impacts your physical fitness and mind-to-muscle connection. Your training can be dynamic and engaging, and once you master the basics, you can then progress to the more challenging movements that further enhance the results you can experience. Effectively embracing and dealing with resistance to change in your business or incorporating resistance training in your quest for better physical health and fitness can yield very positive results which can transform your business and your personal health.

Robert Selders, Jr. is a health and fitness expert, author, speaker, and the owner of 3Q Fitness in Garland, TX. He helps busy professionals and business owners get the health and fitness results they want in the time they’ve got. For more information, please feel free to contact him at or visit his website at

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